Upcoming Performances/Trucking Tour


May 16th
Steve Kenny Quartet at Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar
Steve Kenny – trumpet
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Billy Peterson –  bass
Jay Epstein – drums

May 19th
Atlantis Quartet at Icehouse(1 set)
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Zacc Harris – guitar
Chris Bates  – cherry wood bass
Peter Hennig – drums

May 30th
Jazz Central Bridge Series w/Eric Kamau Gravatt
Eric Kamau Gravatt – drums
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Zacc Harris – guitar
Charles Lincoln – bass

Dave King Trucking Company Summer Tour June 2-7
June 2 – Cliff Bells  – Detroit, MI
June 3 – The Rex – Toronto, Canada
June 4 – Constellation – Chicago, IL
June 5 – Lawrence University  Appleton, WI  Clinic + Gig times TBA
June 6 – Icehouse –  Minneapolis, MN
June 7 – Icehouse –  Minneapolis, MN
Chris Speed – saxophone
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Erik Fratzke – guitar
Adam Linz – bass
Dave King – drums & vocals

June 11th
Chris Bates Red 5 @ Jazz Central
Chris Thomson – saxophone
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Zack Lozier – trumpet
Chris Bates – bass
JT Bates – drums

June 18th
Bryan Nichols Quartet @ St. Anthony Park Library
Bryan Nichols – nord
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone 
James Buckley – bass(the big one)
JT Bates – drums

June 26th
Atlantis Quartet – Twin Cities Jazz Festival – Main Stage
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Zacc Harris – guitar
Chris Bates  – cherry wood bass
Peter Hennig – drums

June 27th
Anthony Cox Happy Spirits Band – Twin Cities Jazz Festival
308 Prince St. stage

July & August dates coming soon, please check my website calendar for more info.


7 Psalms CD Release!

The 7 Psalms CD release is finally here.  Jeremy Walker and company have worked very hard on this project and I urge you to support his herculean effort this Friday April 11 in Benson Great Hall / Bethel University.  8PM

Directions: http://www.bethel.edu/about/maps-directions/bethel-campus-map.pdf

Details: http://www.bethel.edu/events/arts/music/performances/2014/7-psalms

7 PSALMS Postcard Back


7 PSALMS Postcard Front


Dave King Trucking Co. @ Macphail Center for Music – March 2nd – 5pm

Please join the Dave King Trucking Co on Sunday March 2nd at Macphail Center for Music. Chris Speed is in town and sleeping peacefully as I write this, surrounded by my step-daughters stuffed animals and Saige the american girl doll.  We don’t do many in town performances with the full band so don’t miss this opportunity and click the link below for more info.  We’ll also be playing at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn, NY March 7th & 8th as part of a three day Dave King residency.

Dave King Trucking Company-Macphail


Downbeat (1)

Adopted Highway – CD Release – Artists’ Quarter Nov. 1 & 2

Dave King Trucking Company is proud to announce our second offering to the world of music with our new CD/LP called Adopted Highway.   We’re proud of this record and can’t wait for people to hear it so please join us this weekend at the Artists’ Quarter while it’s still here.  We’ll have the new disc on hand and new music to play for you.


CHRIS SPEED(Chris won’t be at the shows this weekend but he sounds amazing on the record)

Dave King Trucking Company - Adopted Highway

Dave King Trucking Company – Adopted Highway


Atlantis Quartet – Expansion CD Release

HUGE JAZZ ANNOUNCEMENT: The Atlantis Quartet is excited to make a public and typically formal declaration about the official release of our 3rd studio record called ‘Expansion. We’re releasing ‘Expansion‘! We’ll be celebrating the release of ‘Expansion this weekend with two shows at the Artists’ Quarter in St. Paul, MN on Oct. 4th & 5th.  We’d like to thank all the Atlantis Quartet fans for supporting our band and we hope you expand your record collection with a copy of Expansion.  See you at the shows.

Artists’ Quarter
October 4th & 5th
Sets at 9:30pm & 11pmish

Pete Hennig – Drums
Chris Bates – Bass
Zacc Harris – Guitar
Brandon Wozniak – Saxophone

Atlantis Quartet CD Release - Expansion

Atlantis Quartet CD Release – Expansion

August Performances 2013









Here’s a little list of performances I’ll be involved with this month.


8/1 – Artists’ Quarter 9:30pm w/Javier Santiago(piano) Miguel Hurtado(drums) and James Buckley(bass)

8/4 – Icehouse 8pm Opening for Aakash Mittal Quartet CD release w/ Bryan Nichols 4tet

8/12 – Icehouse 9:30pm w/MANCRUSH – Lars Erik Larson(drums) Bryan Nichols(piano) & Zacc Harris(guitar)

8/13 – Artists’ Quarter 9pm w/Brandon Wozniak and Friends(Kenny Horst & Billy Peterson)

8/16 & 17 – Artists’ Quarter 9:30pm w/Chris Bates Red 5

8/23 & 24 – Artists’ Quarter 9:30pm w/Dave King Trucking Co.

Thanks for checking in and we hope to see you out at one of these shows.

2013 Twin Cities Jazz Festival


I’m excited to be playing with four very different groups June 28th-30th during the Twin Cities Jazz Festival.

June 28th – 6pm – Mears Park Main Stage w/ pianist Ariel Pocock

June 28th – 7:30pm – Amsterdam Bar w/ Bryan Nichols Quintet

June 29th – 4:30pm – Union Depot Outdoor Stage(214 E. 4th St., St. Paul) w/ Atlantis Quartet

June 30th – 4:00pm – Black Dog Cafe w/ Nathan Hanson, Donald Washington and French painter Stephane Cattaneo – details below and I hope to see you out at one of the shows.

Nathan Hanson


Atlantis Quartet at the Artists’ Quarter June 14th & 15th


The Atlantis Quartet is back at the Artists’ Quarter in St. Paul this weekend June 14th & 15th.  We’re fresh off a one day tour to Lawrence University in Appleton, WI which was awesome. Some people might call us road dogs but life on the road is just part of playing music.  We played a fun show and got to stay in a very nice campus house near the venue.  Some say it’s haunted but I didn’t notice anything weird except for when I went upstairs to go to sleep and half the stuff in my room was knocked over and there was a coffee pot on my bed.  Some light snickering from a room down the hall could be heard as I tried to go to sleep but everyone in the band assures me that it was probably just a ghost named Zacc Harris. Thanks to everyone that helped organize the gig and come hear us play and I hope that ghost knows that it’s seriously on now.  Anyways, come see us at our favorite club in town, the Artists’ Quarter this weekend and please enjoy our tour photo from our Lawrence U gig below.

photo (1)

Bryan Nichols Quintet @ the Artists’ Quarter May 24 & 25

Hello friends,

The Bryan Nichols Quintet will be back in action again this weekend at the
Artists’ Quarter – May 24th & 25th.  It’s not easy to get the members of this group
in the same room so be sure to check out the shows if you get a chance.  The BN5
is Bryan Nicholspiano/compositions, Mike Lewissaxophones, Brandon Wozniaksaxophone, James Buckleybass and JT Bates-drums.

Bryan Nichols Quintet 87502e

Kickstarter/Dave King Trucking Company/Icehouse

The Dave King Trucking Co. is doing a Kickstarter to help get our sophomore release out into the world. We’re pretty excited about this record which will be available on vinyl, CD and digital download. Have a look at the berserk video Dave made and check out our Kickstarter page if you get a chance.  If you’d like to see Dave open for Dave come out to the Icehouse Monday May 6th.  9:30pm start: Real Bulls(JT Bates & Dave King) drum duets 1st set and DKTC will finish up the night. Thanks!

Here’s a few pictures from our recording at the Terrarium.

Dave King & Erik Fratzke

Dave King & Erik Fratzke

Brandon Wozniak & Chris Speed

Brandon Wozniak & Chris Speed

Adam Linz

Adam Linz