Atlantis Quartet at the Artists’ Quarter June 14th & 15th


The Atlantis Quartet is back at the Artists’ Quarter in St. Paul this weekend June 14th & 15th.  We’re fresh off a one day tour to Lawrence University in Appleton, WI which was awesome. Some people might call us road dogs but life on the road is just part of playing music.  We played a fun show and got to stay in a very nice campus house near the venue.  Some say it’s haunted but I didn’t notice anything weird except for when I went upstairs to go to sleep and half the stuff in my room was knocked over and there was a coffee pot on my bed.  Some light snickering from a room down the hall could be heard as I tried to go to sleep but everyone in the band assures me that it was probably just a ghost named Zacc Harris. Thanks to everyone that helped organize the gig and come hear us play and I hope that ghost knows that it’s seriously on now.  Anyways, come see us at our favorite club in town, the Artists’ Quarter this weekend and please enjoy our tour photo from our Lawrence U gig below.

photo (1)

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