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July Performances 2016 USA/Practice Video Series

Time to stop being lazy and record (GoPro) my journey to jazz stardom. I’ve noticed many musicians out there snapfacing, posting videos of themselves practicing or documenting their progress on their first cd which will surely get them on all the european jazz festivals right out of the gate. It’s an exciting time for sure so thanks for the inspirational vids and be on the lookout for my practice video series called “Brandon’s Improvisation Dojo” which should be out around never.  I’m kidding…kind of but I actually do have some exciting news to share with everyone!

The Dave King Trucking Company released our third record called Surrounded by the Night on Sunny Side Records. It’s getting some nice reviews and all kidding aside, it turned out great and we think/hope you’ll like it. Bringing merch to our shows is not our strong suit but hopefully we’ll have some copies available this weekend for the CD release. Dates and info below.











July Dates

– July 15 & 16 @ Vieux Carre – St. Paul, MN   9pm
– July 17 @ Hungry Brain – Chicago, IL –  Gig Info Chicago Reader
– July 18 @ Bay View United Methodist Church – Milwaukee, WI 7pm
(With Hanging Hearts!)

July 24th @ Rochester Jazz Festival

We’re excited to be headlining the 2016 Rochester Jazz Festival. If you’re in the Rochester City area please come down and say hello.











Thanks for checking in. More to come soon!


Upcoming Performances/Trucking Tour


May 16th
Steve Kenny Quartet at Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar
Steve Kenny – trumpet
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Billy Peterson –  bass
Jay Epstein – drums

May 19th
Atlantis Quartet at Icehouse(1 set)
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Zacc Harris – guitar
Chris Bates  – cherry wood bass
Peter Hennig – drums

May 30th
Jazz Central Bridge Series w/Eric Kamau Gravatt
Eric Kamau Gravatt – drums
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Zacc Harris – guitar
Charles Lincoln – bass

Dave King Trucking Company Summer Tour June 2-7
June 2 – Cliff Bells  – Detroit, MI
June 3 – The Rex – Toronto, Canada
June 4 – Constellation – Chicago, IL
June 5 – Lawrence University  Appleton, WI  Clinic + Gig times TBA
June 6 – Icehouse –  Minneapolis, MN
June 7 – Icehouse –  Minneapolis, MN
Chris Speed – saxophone
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Erik Fratzke – guitar
Adam Linz – bass
Dave King – drums & vocals

June 11th
Chris Bates Red 5 @ Jazz Central
Chris Thomson – saxophone
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Zack Lozier – trumpet
Chris Bates – bass
JT Bates – drums

June 18th
Bryan Nichols Quartet @ St. Anthony Park Library
Bryan Nichols – nord
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone 
James Buckley – bass(the big one)
JT Bates – drums

June 26th
Atlantis Quartet – Twin Cities Jazz Festival – Main Stage
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Zacc Harris – guitar
Chris Bates  – cherry wood bass
Peter Hennig – drums

June 27th
Anthony Cox Happy Spirits Band – Twin Cities Jazz Festival
308 Prince St. stage

July & August dates coming soon, please check my website calendar for more info.