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Atlantis Quartet Wisconsin Tour 2014 and more.

Time for some jazz Wisconsin.  We’ll be performing in your state for the next 3 days – Nov. 20th – 22nd.   Enjoy the amazing promo shot below with details and please know that we sound nothing like Nickelback even though the photo says otherwise.   Thanks!


2014 Twin Cities Jazz Festival


The Twin Cities Jazz Festival begins tomorrow, it’s free to the public but don’t worry, we’re still getting paid so everything is cool.  Giant lemonades and gallon buckets of french fries are NOT free so bring some cash in the event you start feeling a little peckish.  Brandon’s summer tip No 1.  If you only have money for the bucket of fries why not bring your own packet of lemonade powder(fits neatly in a purse or a murse) and an old plastic cup with some water in it. Mears park has some bushes and trees you can hide in or around if you want to be discreet about dumping that pure lemon juice flavor into your cup, give it a couple shakes and you’ll be living the high life like everyone else in no time. No. way! The sugar is right in there with the fresh lemonade powder? One and done, genius.  Here’s some performances I’m excited to be involved with this week at the TCJF.

Thursday June 26
Atlantis Quartet headlines the Mears Park Main Stage – 7:30pm

Friday June 27
Anthony Cox Happy Spirits Band – 308 Prince St. Stage – 7pm

Saturday June 28th
Davu Seru Trio – Ngon Bistro – Victoria St. Station 799 University Ave. W. – 7:30pm




Upcoming Performances/Trucking Tour


May 16th
Steve Kenny Quartet at Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar
Steve Kenny – trumpet
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Billy Peterson –  bass
Jay Epstein – drums

May 19th
Atlantis Quartet at Icehouse(1 set)
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Zacc Harris – guitar
Chris Bates  – cherry wood bass
Peter Hennig – drums

May 30th
Jazz Central Bridge Series w/Eric Kamau Gravatt
Eric Kamau Gravatt – drums
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Zacc Harris – guitar
Charles Lincoln – bass

Dave King Trucking Company Summer Tour June 2-7
June 2 – Cliff Bells  – Detroit, MI
June 3 – The Rex – Toronto, Canada
June 4 – Constellation – Chicago, IL
June 5 – Lawrence University  Appleton, WI  Clinic + Gig times TBA
June 6 – Icehouse –  Minneapolis, MN
June 7 – Icehouse –  Minneapolis, MN
Chris Speed – saxophone
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Erik Fratzke – guitar
Adam Linz – bass
Dave King – drums & vocals

June 11th
Chris Bates Red 5 @ Jazz Central
Chris Thomson – saxophone
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Zack Lozier – trumpet
Chris Bates – bass
JT Bates – drums

June 18th
Bryan Nichols Quartet @ St. Anthony Park Library
Bryan Nichols – nord
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone 
James Buckley – bass(the big one)
JT Bates – drums

June 26th
Atlantis Quartet – Twin Cities Jazz Festival – Main Stage
Brandon Wozniak – saxophone
Zacc Harris – guitar
Chris Bates  – cherry wood bass
Peter Hennig – drums

June 27th
Anthony Cox Happy Spirits Band – Twin Cities Jazz Festival
308 Prince St. stage

July & August dates coming soon, please check my website calendar for more info.


August Performances 2013









Here’s a little list of performances I’ll be involved with this month.


8/1 – Artists’ Quarter 9:30pm w/Javier Santiago(piano) Miguel Hurtado(drums) and James Buckley(bass)

8/4 – Icehouse 8pm Opening for Aakash Mittal Quartet CD release w/ Bryan Nichols 4tet

8/12 – Icehouse 9:30pm w/MANCRUSH – Lars Erik Larson(drums) Bryan Nichols(piano) & Zacc Harris(guitar)

8/13 – Artists’ Quarter 9pm w/Brandon Wozniak and Friends(Kenny Horst & Billy Peterson)

8/16 & 17 – Artists’ Quarter 9:30pm w/Chris Bates Red 5

8/23 & 24 – Artists’ Quarter 9:30pm w/Dave King Trucking Co.

Thanks for checking in and we hope to see you out at one of these shows.

2013 Twin Cities Jazz Festival


I’m excited to be playing with four very different groups June 28th-30th during the Twin Cities Jazz Festival.

June 28th – 6pm – Mears Park Main Stage w/ pianist Ariel Pocock

June 28th – 7:30pm – Amsterdam Bar w/ Bryan Nichols Quintet

June 29th – 4:30pm – Union Depot Outdoor Stage(214 E. 4th St., St. Paul) w/ Atlantis Quartet

June 30th – 4:00pm – Black Dog Cafe w/ Nathan Hanson, Donald Washington and French painter Stephane Cattaneo – details below and I hope to see you out at one of the shows.

Nathan Hanson


Francisco Mela/Dave King Trucking Company – 4/20/13

I’ll be performing with with NYC drummer by way of Cuba Francisco Mela(Joe Lovano’s US Five) at the McPhail Center for Music this Saturday 4/20/13 at 8pm.  Francisco will also be doing a drum clinic at Jazz Central this Thursday 4/18/13 from 8-10pm.

Mela 2

-Francisco Mela-

 He is currently a favorite among elite jazz instrumentalists such as Joe Lovano (Us Five), John Scofield (John Scofield Trio), Joanne Brackeen and as a regular member of Kenny Barron’s working trio, all of whom cite his charisma, sophistication, and life-affirming spirit.

His first opportunity to perform outside of Cuba came when Hernández was booked for an appearance at the Cancún Jazz Festival. In 1997, Francisco returned to Mexico to perform in Cancún with his own group, the MelaSon Latin Jazz Band. Then, a chance encounter with Panamanian jazz pianist Danilo Pérez led him to a life-changing decision. “Danilo encouraged me to move to Boston,” Francisco reminisces. “He said, ‘Don’t worry. if you come to Boston, you’re going to end up playing with better people than me.’”

He initially planned to study at either Berklee College or The New England Conservatory of Music, but professional opportunities headed him in another direction. It wasn’t long before Francisco was the house drummer of Wally’s Café, one of Boston’s hottest jazz clubs. While honing his own sound as a jazz drummer and broadening his leadership role as leader of a quintet, he also had an opportunity to back such world class talent as Pérez, fellow Cuban Gonzalo Rubalcaba, and his longtime idol, drummer Roy Haynes.

Eventually, he started playing with music professors at Berklee. Then, one day, he received a call to teach at the prestigious institution. He currently balances a hectic schedule of appearances with the aforementioned pianist Kenny Barron, saxophonists Joe Lovano and George Garzone, bassist John Patitucci, guitarist John Scofield. Francisco’s professional and artistic horizons continue to broaden as he collaborates with more and more musicians.


Earlier that day……

dave king trucking co 120471f

The Dave King Trucking Company will be performing at The Electric Fetus as part of their annual Record Store Day this Saturday 4/20/13 at 2pm.  This is a free show and a fun way to get ready for our upcoming Lawrence University gig on April 23.  We hope to see you out at one of these shows.