2014 Twin Cities Jazz Festival


The Twin Cities Jazz Festival begins tomorrow, it’s free to the public but don’t worry, we’re still getting paid so everything is cool.  Giant lemonades and gallon buckets of french fries are NOT free so bring some cash in the event you start feeling a little peckish.  Brandon’s summer tip No 1.  If you only have money for the bucket of fries why not bring your own packet of lemonade powder(fits neatly in a purse or a murse) and an old plastic cup with some water in it. Mears park has some bushes and trees you can hide in or around if you want to be discreet about dumping that pure lemon juice flavor into your cup, give it a couple shakes and you’ll be living the high life like everyone else in no time. No. way! The sugar is right in there with the fresh lemonade powder? One and done, genius.  Here’s some performances I’m excited to be involved with this week at the TCJF.

Thursday June 26
Atlantis Quartet headlines the Mears Park Main Stage – 7:30pm

Friday June 27
Anthony Cox Happy Spirits Band – 308 Prince St. Stage – 7pm

Saturday June 28th
Davu Seru Trio – Ngon Bistro – Victoria St. Station 799 University Ave. W. – 7:30pm




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